Frequently Asked Questions: Volunteering with Steel City Greyhounds

Interested in volunteering with SCG? Not sure what it takes? Read our FAQ below before you complete the volunteer application.

Do I need to have a greyhound or have previously owned a greyhound to volunteer for SCG?

Yes, we ask that you currently own or have previously owned a greyhound.  Many of our volunteers do have a rescued greyhound, and it helps to be familiar with the breed for volunteering.  Volunteers with socially comfortable greys are welcome to bring them to events that allow dogs, and volunteers without their own greys can take adoptable greyhounds or our greyhound “alumni” when an event calls for a hound.

Do I have to commit a certain amount of time to volunteering for SCG?

No! We are a small rescue and run completely by volunteers, so we understand that people have busy lives and schedules. Volunteers can have a set schedule every week, or they can assist as they have time. Scheduling for walking and events is done online and is easy to manage (minimum 48-hour notice is required before volunteering and all appropriate training must be completed in advance).

Do you still need volunteers to walk dogs in the winter?

YES! Retired racers are not usually used to walking on leashes, and having the experience of taking walks in the Pittsburgh winter is essential to their transition to a forever home. (Walks are kept short during extreme heat and cold.)

Can I bring my own dog to walk with the adoptable greys?

No. While most greyhounds are comfortable with other dogs, we want to always be aware of the stress level for our rescued racers. They will already be experiencing stress from their new environment, so we do not add unknown dogs to the mix. If you have a rescued greyhound that you think could be an “ambass-a-dog” for the greyhound breed, we would love to meet them and (once approved) have them attend SCG events with you! Letting people meet rescued greys is the best way to encourage more rescue and adoptions.

How old do I need to be to volunteer for SCG?

To interact with dogs on their own, volunteers must be 18 and have received appropriate training from the SCG Volunteer Coordinator. Younger volunteers can still help at events, cheer stations, and with other tasks (email for more information on Junior Volunteers).

My group wants to help! Do you have group volunteer activities?

Steel City Greyhounds focuses on the quality of our adoptions rather than quantity, so we usually only have a small number of greyhounds at at time. We do have some group opportunities and if your group has an idea we’d love to chat with you about it!

I can’t volunteer at this time but I’d love to help. Do you accept donations?

YES! Steel City Greyhounds is a non-profit greyhound adoption group run by volunteers. Donations are always needed for dog medical expenses and other program-related costs. Visit Paypal to donate today.