Spanish Galgos vs. Racing Greyhound

In general, galgos and retired greyhounds have similar dispositions and both breeds enjoy a warm couch!  However, Galgos can come with a variety of coat textures, colors, and vary in size while most retired racers are smooth coated and typically fall in a weight category based on gender. 

Other Differences Between Greyhounds and Galgos

  • Galgos hunt live rabbits. 
  • Greyhounds are trained with a lure. 
  • Galgos hunt in open fields. 
  • Greyhounds race around an oval track. 

Thousands of Galgos are discarded into the streets and abandoned at the end of every hunting season.  Greyhounds have a huge network of adoption groups that have created a pathway to living a life in a home after racing. 

Since Galgos become strays on the street, fend for themselves to survive, and have no home, they lack any veterinary and hygiene care.  The lucky ones are picked up from the streets by groups like SOS Galgos and others to hopefully become part of a loving family.

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