Adoptable Hounds

**Due to the very limited number of available retired racers, we are not currently accepting applications. 

SCG transitions each greyhound from the track into a boarding kennel and then into a permanent home. Meet our greyhounds waiting for a couch to call their own!

Retired Greyhounds Transitioning Off Track

At the boarding kennel, there are trained personnel to watch the greyhound recover after recent spay or neuter surgery or other medical treatments.

They also assist with helping the greyhound adjust to a new diet. The Golden Bone Pet Resort houses a limited number of greyhounds that enter our program. Here are some of the things that we have discovered through using a boarding kennel for their transition:

  • Greyhounds move into a “forever” home when they are adopted, rather than transitioning from a foster home. The greyhound’s first bonding experience will be in the home with the person(s) who adopted him/her.
  • Using a boarding facility can provide adopters with the flexibility to schedule a visit with the greyhounds Monday through Saturday with an SCG volunteer.

Adopting a Greyhound

The Adoption Application** has been designed to aid both you and Steel City Greyhounds in deciding if you and/or your family are ready for the responsibility. Please fill out the application within a week or so of hoping to adopt. (No need to apply months ahead of time as we will not officially screen an application until your family is 100% ready.)

If you have young children or if you are planning for a family:

SCG enforces the following requirements for any family with children 8 years old and under:

  • Along with reading one of our recommended books about adopting a retired racing greyhound, SCG requires that you read “Childproofing Your Dog” by Brian Kilcommons.
  • We require that families with children 8 years old and under must have a fenced-in yard.
  • Every family who has a child or children 8 years old and under will go through a secondary screening, a home visit, and the SCG board will vote on approval.

Please Note: Available greyhound visits are pre-scheduled with approved applicants ONLY!

Meet Our Adoptable Hounds!

ADOPTED: Weeper – Female Fawn

Weeper is a sweet young lady, who will turn 2 this May. She has a lot of energy when she goes on walks, but settles down quickly. This greyt gal is sure to brighten up the lives of everyone she meets.

Weeper needs a home without kitties.

ADOPTION PENDING: Bomber – Male Fawn

Bomber is a sweet light fawn three-year-old male. We haven’t had the chance to test him with our kitty yet, because he’s still settling into his new environment. Will you help this guy find his furever home?

Bomber needs a home without kitties.

Ninja – Male Fawn


Ninja is a fawn male with a sweet disposition. He’s an affectionate boy who loves to snuggle with humans. A bit nervous, this tall boy will need an home with patient owners who can show him how to transition into retirement.

Ninja showed interest in our kitty so he’ll need a home without feline friends.

Not ready or able to adopt? Consider donating.

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