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Helpful tips and hints to keeping your grey safe every day of the year.

  1.  Identification tag(s) should include YOUR personal contact information, including several cell phone numbers!
  2.  Secure gates/doors–Guests in your home may not notice if a door or gate is ajar.  Please double check or leave a note to remember your furry friend(s).

General Information

  • The Greyhound Project, Inc. Publishes “CG Magazine” (formerly Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine) & the famous annual “Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar”. There is a wealth of information on why and how
  • – A greyhound chat room designed to learn about and discuss greyhounds. This is a wonderful site to visit if you would like to learn about greyhound related topics and compare stories about your greyhound and other greyhounds. You can even chat about if a greyhound is right for you and your family.
  • National Greyhound Association Website
  • Fast Friends / Orange County & Greater Los Angeles and their pictorial process of getting dogs from the racetrack.
  • Northcoast Greyhounds is strictly a FUN-Draising enterprise contributing 100% of profits to greyt causes. Unique greyhound gifts and unusual jewels are offered on the website and on eBay every Friday by Greytstuff.
  • Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine is the only magazine dedicated to greyhounds as pets and as athletes.  Eight time winner of the Dog Writers Association of America’s “Best Single Breed Magazine” Award.  Makes an excellent gift!  Click for Order Form or subscribe online.

Our Veterinarians Who Keep Our Fosters Healthy!

Nutrition for Greyhounds

  • Pet Food
  • 800PetMeds
  • Greyhound Gang, joint supplements, nutritional supplements, medical advice, greyhound guide to adoption, greyhound products, human products, & more!

Greyhound Racing Records

  • The National Greyhound Association is the governing body of Greyhound Racing in the United States. The also sell various Greyhound accessories (muzzles, squawkers, blankets, etc.) geared toward the racing kennel. This site instructs you on how to obtain the official racing history of your dog by mailing in the ear tattoo numbers. For a price, you can even receive a certificate naming you as the registered owner of your dog.
  • Greyhound-Data database contains more than 400,000 pedigrees and has been online since 1999. Most of them are from America, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain with the oldest pedigrees going back to 1790. Our site is highly visited by breeding enthusiasts and owners of adopted Greyhounds, who are searching for the race history or relatives of their dogs. Everybody can add his dogs to the database and upload pictures.
  • Rosnet Greyhound Racing – enter your dog’s full racing name under “Greyhound Data” and find out their birthday, parents, littermates and racing history, complete with commentary such as “Bumped, inside”, “Led all the way” or the dreaded “No factor”. This is a free site, and records can be incomplete.

Canine Apparel

  • Carole’s Coats:  Carole Hillwig is a SCG volunteer and greyhound owner.  She donates a portion of all of her sales back to SCG!  If you are interested in ordering from her and getting more information, please send her an email at:
  • K-9 Designs by Sharee is one of the most comprehensive Greyhound accessory sites we’ve found. Coats, collars, toys, beds and even racing silks for your hound, and many items for people as well.
  • Wiggle, Wags and Whiskers offers some very nice fleece coats for Greyhounds, with built-in turtlenecks to keep your hound toasty in inclement weather. Custom orders only.
  • Hound Togs – a selection of coats just for sight hounds. Custom fitting.
  • Neo-Paws – Specialize in safety pet apparel. They believe that your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance and it is an owner’s responsibility to ensure this. They designed a full line of high quality, innovative and easy to use products with the animal’s safety, comfort and performance in mind.
  • Wild Things For Greys – Designer Apparel – Custom made in Las Vegas, NV. “I have always had the talent of sewing and had made things for my greyhounds from time to time. One of my greyhounds, Allie Mae, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2000. Designing practical and wearable garments for her was out of necessity. She had to be clothed to keep the sun and elements away from her skin. Don’t let the title fool you, I also design special order garments for other breeds. Each garment is handmade and designed by me. A little bit of my heart goes with every piece of clothing that is purchased.”
  • Duds 4 Buds – “Canine Creature Comforts and Apparel” Clever, creative, and original creations. Duds 4 Buds supports Greyhound Rescue organizations! 10% of your purchase is donated to the Greyhound Rescue organization of your choice.
  • Victoria Peak (Dog Beds) Trading Company, Ltd.  Dogs love Victoria Peak dog beds for their super-soft cushion. Testimonials full of greyhound clients!
  • Mrs. Bones Collars – Beautiful sight hound collars, lots of variety, matching leashes.
  • Regal Hounds – A Great selection of Quality, Well-Made Designer Martingale Dog Collars, Regular Adjustable Dog Collars, Leashes & Dog Toys at Reasonable Prices!
  • Silk Road Collars – Silk Road Collars offers a spectacular line of Canine Collars (and much, much, more) specializing in Sighthound Collars and attire!
  • Karen’s Kollars – a company that’s renowned across the nation for quality collars in various materials and trims.
  • Don’t forget to tag your greyhound!  “Never Lost Pet” offers custom engraved Pet ID Tags

Greyhound Artwork, Jewelry and more!

  •– The Pet Stain & Odor Removal Web Site is a Pet Owners Resource Guide. They provide valuable information for pet owners who have had, or, are currently experiencing a pet(s) with urination behavioral problems. Visitors receive useful and helpful information from the web site.
  • Northcoast Greyhounds is strictly a FUN-Draising enterprise contributing 100% of earnings to greyt causes. Unique greyhound gifts and Unusual Jewels are offered on the website and on eBay by Greytstuff. Link for Northcoast Greyhounds Link for GREYTSTUFF

Pet Photography

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